Building a century-long TongKun

Achieve sustainable business

Logo allegory:

The overall design covers all business areas and creates an integrated meaning - the holding group as the core perspective, the main chemical fiber industry as the core element, red as the spiritual symbol.

The “golden cock” image stands for the main chemical fiber industry. It has a strong symbolic meaning - chemical fiber is not only the starting point of Tongkun's development, but also the core of Tongkun's foundation. At the same time“golden cock”reflects the vigorous and high-quality development of the enterprise and the endless struggle of the enployees.

The left side is composed of three arcs, which not only refers to the other three businesses surrounding the main industry, but also stands for an abstract expression of “three begets everything”, implying that Tongkun has unlimited future development possibilities; the three arcs together outline a positive rotation and an upward trend, which further strengthens the theme of high-quality development and the meaning of an infinite future.