Textile Additives

Green, low-carbon, energy-saving, environmental protection
Textile Additives
  • Textile Additives

    The special additives in the spinning process can effectively enhance the surface protective film of polyester fibers, reduce wool rate and breakage rate, improve product quality, make the subsequent processing smoother and dyeing more uniformly. Tongkun is the fourth company in the world and the only company in China to master the core technology of oil additives, breaking the foreign monopoly and realizing import substitution.


  • 精细化工

  • Chemical New Materials
    Chemical New Materials

    Mainly includes antimony glycol, liquid titanium dioxide and masterbatch.

    Among them, antimony glycol as a catalyst, titanium dioxide as a matting agent, and masterbatch as a dyeing agent, which are indispensable additives in the production process of polyester filaments.