• Innovation Leading

    From obscurity to leading step by step

    Linkage — Major R&D platforms

    Utilizing advantages of the platform, Tongkun presided over or participated in the formulation of international, national, and industry standards, won the China Patent Excellence Award, a number of core technologies reached the international leading level. Besides, its subsidiary Institute of New Materials has successfully incubated three subsidiaries to transform and apply R&D results. 

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    • National Accreditation Laboratory

    • Provincial Enterprise Technology Center

    • Provincial Engineering R&D Center

    • Provincial Postdoctoral Workstation

    • Provincial Academician Workstation

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Tongkun Research Institute


Established in January 2020, Insitute of New Materials is the first enterprise research institute that has independent legal person in Zhejiang. In addition to chemical fiber, R&D direction is also carried out across industries, covering weaving and dyeing, sewage treatment, regeneration, new energy, big data and other fields to break through the industry's "stuck neck" technology.


R&D Direction
  • Multifunctional masterbatch

  • Photovoltaic panel materials

  • Recycling pallets

  • Antimony-free catalyst

  • Graphene fiber

  • Cool/warm fiber

  • Spectral heating fiber

  • Antibacterial fiber