New Materials & New Energy

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New Materials & New Energy
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    To meet market demands, Tongkun continues to develop new technologies and new products to improve product performance and quality.

    New materials industry is an industry full of opportunities and challenges. Its development relates to the upgrading of whole industry chain and even the competitiveness of national economy. Tongkun always pays attention to the development trend of technology and industry, adheres to the development strategy of “base on the main business, expanding the industry”, takes innovation as the lead, and constantly explores new technologies and products to meet the demands of the market. Furthermore, Tongkun actively engages in and insists on the high-end manufacturing of new materials sector.

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●  Subordinate enterprise:

  • Zhejiang Youfeng New Materials Co., Ltd.

  • Zhejiang Yourui Composite Material Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Tongxiang Youchang New Material Co., Ltd.

  • Tongxiang Youtai New Material Co., Ltd.

  • Tongxiang Zhuli Polymer Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Guangxi Youcan New Material Co., Ltd.

  • Guangxi Youkun New Energy Co., Ltd.

  • Lithium iron phosphate
    Lithium iron phosphate

    With a total investment of 8 billion yuan, the project will be built in two phases. The first phase of the project plans to invest a total of 2.5 billion yuan to build a production line with an annual output of 10,000 tons of lithium iron phosphate, 10,000 tons of iron phosphate, and 800,000 tons of pyrite acid.After all the two-phase projects are completed, they will have the annual production capacity of 180,000 tons of lithium iron phosphate, 180,000 tons of iron phosphate, 120,000 tons of titanium dioxide and 800,000 tons of pyrite acid production.It is estimated that the annual output value will be 20 billion yuan, 1.2 billion yuan in taxes will be paid, and more than 1,700 jobs will be created.The project has a large volume and a high starting point, which is in line with the development positioning of Guangxi's key automotive pillar industry, and will provide good services for the development of related industries such as new energy vehicles, energy storage, and 5G base stations.

  • Aluminum new material
    Aluminum new material

    Youfeng Company undertakes the differentiated development strategy of Tongkun Group, lays out new areas of aluminum processing products, and integrates high-quality research and development, production and sales services.With a total investment of 3.6 billion and an annual output of 500,000 tons of high-precision aluminum sheet with foil, it mainly focuses on the application of products in new energy fields such as battery foil. The project was selected as the second batch of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Industrial enterprise technological transformation and upgrading guidance plan and Zhejiang Province's major industrial leading projects.After the first, second and third phases of the project are all put into operation, it will become the largest in Zhejiang and a well-known enterprise in the Yangtze River Delta that uses green short-process technology to produce high-precision aluminum sheet foil.

  • New packaging material
    New packaging material

    As a national high-tech enterprise and a provincial-level industrial project, it has an annual output of 20,000 tons of polyethylene film, 95 million M2 of high-speed corrugated cardboard carton packaging materials, and 10,000 tons of EPS materials. It is equipped with cutting-edge technologies such as seven-layer co-extrusion technology, cardboard carton one-piece molding technology, and EPS foaming-forming-conveying integrated equipment. It serves giant companies such as Tongkun, Xinfengming, Jushi, Transfar, and AIA all year round, and its production capacity and quality are leading the industry.