Advanced technology, green chemical industry
  • 10.2 million tons PTA capacity

    Jiaxing Petrochemical 4.2 million tons

    Jiatong Energy 6 million tons

    Both use the internationally advanced, mature, stable and reliable KTS technology (former INVISTA), which is highly competitive from energy consumption and material consumption to operating costs and investment costs.


  • 嘉兴石化-(3)-拷贝

In particular, Jiatong Energy PTA project uses the optimized P8++ process technology, reducing the unit raw materials and auxiliaies consumption, unit energy and unit emissions. In addition to powering the main unit, the ultra-low-pressure steam recovery technology could power the utilities, Internet and achieve resource recycling using the excess electricity.


Ethylene glycol project

  • 10.8 billion RMB total investment

  • 1500 acres of land scale

  • 1.2 million tons annual production capacity

As the largest benchmark project for natural gas to ethylene glycol in China, this project transforms natural gas from traditional fuel to production raw material, adopts the internationally advanced oxidation coupling method ethylene glycol production process, and realizes the revolutionary transformation of “fuel to raw material, raw material to material”, forming an industrial coupling development trend, effectively replenishing the local industry, strengthening the chain and extending the chain, and focusing on building the whole textile and garment industry chain from “one gas” to “one silk”, “one cloth”, and “one piece of clothing”.The first phase of the project is fully completed and can achieve annual sales revenue of more than 3 billion yuan after delivery, increasing direct employment by more than 800 people.