Real Estate

Build high-rise buildings and build a warm home
Real Estate
  • Build high-quality real estate,create top communities

    Tongkun entered the real estate industry in 2003 while acquiring its land in Tongxiang. After that, it has developed a number of high-end real estate in Tongxiang, Haiyan, Huzhou, Lishui, Changxing, Nantong and other places.

  • 房地产


Representative properties are: Beichen xuefu, Yunshang fudi, Bandao huayuan, Mingshi fu, Yu fu, Yunshangli, Binhai yihao and so on.

Looking forward to the future, Tongkun Real estate will focus on the core of the real estate industry, keep up with the development trend, continue to innovate, adhere to the spirit of responsibility to society, customers and enterprises, and craft every product with ingenuity, pay attention to every detail, establish brand value, realize corporate image, and provide high-quality products and services to the society.

  • Yunshang fudi
    Yunshang fudi
  • Beichen xuefu
    Beichen xuefu
  • Bandao huayuan
    Bandao huayuan
  • Haolaideng huayuan
    Haolaideng huayuan
  • Kanglaideng huayuan
    Kanglaideng huayuan
  • Yunshang li
    Yunshang li
  • Binhai yihao
    Binhai yihao
  • Yu fu
    Yu fu
  • Mingshi fu
    Mingshi fu
  • Tianxi fu
    Tianxi fu
  • Lijia huayuan
    Lijia huayuan
  • Qinqin jiayuan/Lijia huanyuan
    Qinqin jiayuan/Lijia huanyuan
  • Beichen huayuan
    Beichen huayuan