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    To meet market demands, Tongkun continues to develop new technologies and new products to improve product performance and quality.

    New materials industry is an industry full of opportunities and challenges. Its development relates to the upgrading of whole industry chain and even the competitiveness of national economy. Tongkun always pays attention to the development trend of technology and industry, adheres to the development strategy of “base on the main business, expanding the industry”, takes innovation as the lead, and constantly explores new technologies and products to meet the demands of the market. Furthermore, Tongkun actively engages in and insists on the high-end manufacturing of new materials sector.

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●  Subordinate enterprise:

  • Zhejiang Youfeng New Materials Co., Ltd.

  • Zhejiang Yourui Composite Material Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Tongxiang Youchang New Material Co., Ltd.

  • Tongxiang Youtai New Material Co., Ltd.

  • Zhejiang Youze Material Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Guangxi Youcan New Material Co., Ltd.

  • Guangxi Youkun New Energy Co., Ltd.