Industry Layout

Looking forward to the future, Tongkun will adhere to the dream of “building a century-old Tongkun and realizing sustainable management”, build the enterprise into a large-scale, differentiated, integrated and intensive advanced manufacturing enterprise, a whole industry chain enterprise, and a green intelligent enterprise, and make unremitting efforts for the takeoff of China's chemical fiber industry and the revitalization of national industries!



(Petroleum & Chemical - PTA&EG - Polyester Fiber -Textile)

New materials, new energy

New service


As a leader in the global fiber industry

Tongkun has realized the layout of the entire industrial chain from "a drop of oil and cubic of gas" to "a piece of cloth".

The company now has 10 million tons of crude oil processing equity, 10.2 million tons of PTA, 13 million tons of polymerization, and 13.5 million tons of polyester filament annual production and processing capacity.The current international market share is about 18%, and the domestic market share is about 28%.

Under the guidance of the concept of ”based on the main business and adhering to industry", Tongkun has entered the field of new materials and new energy, laid out new aluminum materials, new chemical materials, new packaging materials, lithium iron phosphate and other projects, and used high-quality projects to drive high-quality development. , On the way to explore a new track, continue to move towards the goal of becoming bigger and stronger.

Tongkun is committed to the healthy development of the modern service industry. It has established companies such as Hengyun Zhilian, Youtong Logistics, Wuzhen Crown Plaza Hotel and professional real estate companies to continuously improve the height and accuracy of digital technology services, expand the breadth and speed of logistics services, and tap the depth and width of hotel services.

Tongkun has invested in major projects and powerful enterprises such as Zhejiang Petrochemical and Bank of Jiaxing, enriching Tongkun's broad and diversified industrial matrix, and has continued to make stable returns over the years, continuously creating value with a unique vision.