Logistics Sector

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Zhejiang Youtong Logistics Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the group, is mainly engaged in the transportation of products such as PTA, MEG and polyester filaments. There are 320 vehicles of various types, with an annual self-owned transportation capacity of 4.8 million tons and an outsourced transportation capacity of 4.2 million tons. The total capacity ranks among the best in the field of professional transportation.Youtong Logistics wholly acquired Jiaxing Zhongan Dangerous Goods Shipping Co., Ltd. in 2019. At present, it has 9 dangerous goods transportation ships with a total capacity of 5,174 tons. It is the only water dangerous goods transportation company in Zhejiang Province.With the pace of the group's great development, Youtong Logistics has coordinated distribution points in Nantong, Shuyang, Siyang and other places in Jiangsu, going out of Zhejiang and facing the whole country, and scientifically planning various product transportation modes.At the same time, Youtong Logistics will further expand its own transportation capacity and water transportation business, from the current inland transportation in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River to sea-river intermodal transportation and public-rail-water intermodal transportation, to achieve large-ton maritime transportation capacity.Internally, Tongkun has built a fully automatic intelligent logistics system that can seamlessly connect three-dimensional warehouses to achieve intelligent delivery, thus forming a full chain automation from drop-off, packaging to warehousing and loading with intelligent robots and intelligent warehouses.